Monday, April 20, 2009

EV-0 RR TTXGP zero carbon fuel Grand Prix

Mark Wells, Co-Founder of Xenophya Design began his career at Northumbria University. He has taken his passion for motorcycles and transformed his dream into a reality. The images you are drooling over were designed by Mark for the TTXGP. The aim of the TTXGP is to promote clean emission technologies. Mark and his partner in crime Ian Wride have delivered one hell of a knock out blow to the belief that being green means you are gonna be slow. What did you think when you first saw Marks' sketches? I imagine you were blown away by the details and clean lines he delivers in his sketches. It almost looks like he used a tool to draw every line as they appear to be created with the assistance of some device. But this is not the case. Marks ability to draw clean and fluid concepts didn't just happen overnight. He continues to hone his skills as a designer, engineer, and researcher. This is not to be forgotten if you want to be able to draw what you see in your mind as fluidly as Mark draws what he sees in his.Mark-Wells-Xenophya-designs-industrial-designer-motorcycle-concept-zero-carbonLet's break down the clean and direct pen sketch you see above. Initially you may notice the perspective lines flowing from left to right through the hub of the wheels. Mark has used them to keep the drawing in proportion and in the correct perspective. He then laid down light gestural lines to work through the proportions of the idea he had in his mind. Notice that these light gestural lines are done very quickly and are no longer as noticeable as they were in the initial minutes of his sketch. Once he defined the scale and overall position of the components of this sketch he began to digg into the heart of his thoughts about the form of the faring and overall attitude of the rider.Mark-Wells-Xenophya-designs-industrial-designer-motorcycle-concept-zero-carbon-2Mark has presented a sketch that has real emotion behind it. It immediately tells you about the mind set of the rider. How his crouched position makes him more aerodynamic and that speed is his primary concern. To look at this sketch I am immediately pulled into the moment. I feel the acceleration of the bike and my bodies challenge against gravity as I fight to hold on to the handlebars. Excellent sketches like this will bring you into the sketch and force the will of the designer upon you. His truly emotional style is one to be referenced, but not copied. Mark has worked hard to develop his own sketching style. And so will you as you practice drawing the things you see in both the physical world and your cerebral world.

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