Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoe Concept - Adidas

Keeping with today's theme of visually inspiring sketches and texturally rich rendering. We are set to review Nicolas Bodin's concept sketch based around the Adidas brand.Nicolas-Bodin-adidas-concept-sketch-shoe-designexposed-design-exposedNicolas has gone to great lengths to consider the composition of this sketch. The very expressive and lively posture of the shoe and the laces really express the personality of the shoe and the person who would wear it. The Velcro strap and finger loop on the back of the shoe really convey how simply it will be to slip these shoes on. Another very evident aspect of the design of these shoes and the way they are presented is that these shoes don't take themselves to seriously and are socially disarming in today's generation. Like Andres, Nicolas has considered the assembly of the shoe and how he can use the stitches as part of the design. In the lower half of the image you can see a glimpse of the details he considered when designing this shoe. The texture really adds another layer of complexity and refinement to the design. Something that can easily be overdone and should be carefully weighed before laying down your final thoughts.


  1. It looks nice I must say... but as I work in adidas i have to say that this doesn't work... Why... because every shoe has a histoy and since you are using the originals logo then Must be based in a shoe that already existed or was discontinued NOT from scratch... Sorry but true

  2. to Anonymous :
    ha ! another corpo brain washed dude ! Seriously? Because your Marketing crew said so and the Adidas rules are like that "THIS DOESN'T WORK"...

    Nice open minded and creative judgement...anyway, get rid of the "OG Adidas tag" and oh! btw get rid of the 3bands on the side too, keep your really nice design and add a swoosh on it and this might be a HIT!


  3. Nice blog and such a lovely pair , I'm sports man i love to use Adidas and dc shoes uk because i believe they can help to improve performance isn't it ?

  4. What were these drawn in? Is it purely a photoshop and illustrator rendering?