Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nike Ideation - Rafa Nadal

Luke-McConnie-ideation-nike-designer-designexposed-design-exposedSome sketches have enough life to inspire you throughout the day! Luke McConnie's sketch ideation board for Rafa Nadal's signature Nike shoe certainly has legs. This is another great technique you can use to present your thought process to other designers. Flesh out the features you are interested in conveying and leave the rest of the image as an un-rendered sketch. This subtle technique draws your attention to the more detailed elements of your design and allows you to establish that the features being presented are designed to create an emotional response from the consumer. Each feature will resonate with different segments of the target users.Luke-McConnie-ideation-nike-designer-designexposed-design-exposed-2The montage you see here is called a mood board. A mood board serves as inspiration to the designer. Things such as texture, scale, proportion, emotional visualization ques, a feel or identity related to the product, or just something that represents the mood you want to be in when you develop your concepts. Luke indicates that one of the images on this mood board inspired a pattern he designed for the outsole on one of the designs.

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