Monday, April 20, 2009

Nintendo Wii Peripherals - Nerf Weapons

Nerf has always been a source of smiles and laughter for me. I don't ever recall not laughing about using one of their products, well then again... Never mind. Weston Boege has brought us something that gives us cause to call in sick! Weston was given the opportunity to develop a line of Wii game controllers while at Hasbro Toy Corporation based around Nerf's Brand Identity and Attitude Branding. His efforts have given me inspiration to grab my pen and a few pieces of paper. I love to see sketches like this and I am sure you will agree, they are awesome to look at. Weston loves his job and we can all tell by looking at his work.
Weston-Boege-industrial-designer-photoshop-Nerf-Wii-controller-5To break down his presentation renderings - Weston has presented two views on each of his presentation boards. One is a front 3/4 view and the other is an orthographic projection. Weston began with pen sketches, then scanned them into Photoshop and rendered them. The simplicity and straight forwardness of his drawings allows us to easily imagine ourselves using these toys. They are clearly illustrating the functionality of the product and the excitement that can be had when using one of his fantastic creations. If you look closely you can see some of the layout lines Weston used to define the proportions of his initial sketches. Layout lines allow the concept sketch to take on a life of its own and thus present the idea as a concept, allowing the brand managers or other decision makers to make changes without feeling as though the design is set in stone and unchangeable.Weston-Boege-industrial-designer-photoshop-Nerf-Wii-controller-2The emotional response people have to your designs is very important. If at all possible we make every effort for it to be a positive one. We should have had these types of peripherals back in the days of Duck Hunt and Super Mario! Although my mother probably wouldn't have gotten one for me, I would have tried to convince her until I was sent to my room!

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  1. WOW i am tryin to render in p/shop but am nowhere as good!!!