Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inspirational Image Of The Day - Andres Parada

Andres-Parada-concept-development-wacom-design-exposed-design-exposed-industrial-designAndres Parada's digital rendering is a great way to start the day. Andres over the shoulder bag concept for Echo Unltd. began as a pen sketch on paper. He then took it into Photoshop and rendered a concept that became more than a concept, he illustrated a bag that has its own personality.Andres-Parada-concept-development-wacom-design-exposed-design-exposed-industrial-design-2
From a materials standpoint the design is comprised of denim, leather, a cotton weave, and brushed aluminum for fasteners. Andres has done an excellent job of portraying different materials using color, value, and texture. The details Andres has illustrated are very important to the success of the design. The stitching and fastening points, as well as the double shoulder strap all speak to the type of designer Andres is. The detail presented in his sketches, material choices, and added lifestyle image all work to define how well Andres understands the process of creating an over the shoulder bag. He hasn't left the details to the seamstress or someone else to define. His ability to present a detailed and understood concept disarms the client and allows them to gauge the aesthetic value of the design and not whether he understands cut and sew techniques.

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  1. Wow, very helpful and gives me an idea of what I can and have to include.

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