Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sea-Doo GTI

Joe-Ellice-seadoo-development-industrial-design-designexposed-design-exposedJoe Ellice of Sheboygan Wisconsin is keeping the green theme going with his design for the Sea-Doo GTI. Joe indicates that the Sea-Doo GTI is meant for family fun. Joe communicates this persona with the design form language. The soft gentle forms, playful graphics, and inspirations derived from wildlife (star fish & sea rays) found its way into the design language of the GTI. A great amount of emphasis was placed upon comfort and ergonomics. This is specifically noted in the organic features of the seat and rear handle.Joe-Ellice-seadoo-development-industrial-design-designexposed-design-exposed-2The images you see here are only a small cross section of the images Joe gathered for inspiration. He researched and assembled the images above to create an inspirational image board that would provide him with the visual representations of the physical form language he aspired to develop for the GTI. This element of the creative process isn't as easy as just surfing the net for random images and grouping them together. The purpose of an image board is to provide yourself with targeted images that you draw inspiration from throughout the creative process. Another reason you may do this is to ensure that you develop a unique and consistent form language.Joe-Ellice-seadoo-development-industrial-design-designexposed-design-exposed-3The inspirational image board Joe assembled has apparently not led him astray. By reviewing each of the black & white photographs and comparing it to the associated image to its right. You should be able to see a parallel relationship between the images Joe assembled and the photographs of the clay model. The photographs of the clay model are shown in black & white so you can focus on the forms Joe has developed and not be sidetracked by any background color or discoloration that may have been captured in the photographs.

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