Sunday, April 19, 2009

How do you think on paper?

Kate-Hickey-designer-Dewalt-ideation-sketches-industrial-designerThe Design Process isn't a magical facet of design. It isn't tightly held by a group of top tier designers that don't want their secrets to get out. And there isn't some trick to it... Other than listening to your consumers and being aware of the environment in which the product may be used and then developing a solution that allows the consumer to get the job done. Kate Hickey has given us a glimpse into her design process that we won't let get away. Kate has taken her experiences using similar products, her insights gained from ethnographic research, and combined them(along with great skill) to design what may be the next advances for optical lasers, compressor feet, and compressor engine covers for DeWALT. If you want to see how a great designer thinks on paper, look no further than Kate Hickey. Sketches are developed by hand then taken into Photoshop for digital detail enhancement.

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