Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hyper-Realistic Rendering

Russ-Schwenkler-photorealistic-rendering-dangeruss-modeling-designexposed-design-exposed-nissanRuss Schwenkler of Dangeruss is a world class digital modeler and 2d graphic artist, referred to as a Vexel artist. If you want to know what the definition of Vexel art is then head over to his site and read his about section.Russ-Schwenkler-photorealistic-rendering-dangeruss-modeling-designexposed-design-exposed-audi
I came across Russ's work and was blown away by his attention to detail, proportion, and visually acuity. Russ offers clients a wide variety of graphic services. He can assist you in bringing your concepts to life through 2d imagery, 3D modeling, hyper-realistic rendering and presentation images. Russ also offers CAD accurate modeling and illustration of your technical or manufacturing project. He can supply illustrated parts breakdowns, component location drawings, manufacturing drawings and CAD solid models. I am presenting Russ's work because he is the bar to beat. His work is what designers should strive for when developing visually accurate renditions of their concepts. To present a solution on paper and then alter that because 3D isn't your strong suit compromises the design integrity of your work. The long hours are worth it and your dedication will not go unnoticed.

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