Monday, April 20, 2009

K2 Snowboard boots

Remi-Marchand-sketch-designer-snowboard-boot-concept-industrial-designeRemi Marchand has captured a transitional image that presents his functional Snowboard boot concept as both a sketch/digial rendering and as a 3D rendering. When a concept is presented in this fashion the creative director and/or client can see how the designers idea took shape. The consistency in form and proportion when the 3D model is shown in contrast with the sketch conveys the designers grasp on viable solutions and how his other unrendered sketches will accurately translate into 3D models. Not to mention it is cool to see how accuratly he is able to depict his concept in both sketch and 3D form. This work was developed while Remi was at One & Co in San Francisco, Ca. Thanks to Remi for a great example of how designers bring new life to client presentations.

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  1. Normally I wear dc or vans trainers uk, but those K2 snowboarding are pretty awesome. I might have to conform and buy a pair